Busy, busy.

It is so busy now, it has been little time to update my blog. Just come home from a wonderful holiday in USA, San Diego. I traveld with a very good friend of my, Anita. The deal was that I could have 2 days at National Minature Dachshund Club show.
San Dieog is a fabulous city. So much cultur, from the Oldtown where it feels like you are in Mexico to Downtown who is modern with great shopping streat wit more. Of course we visit Sea World with the Shamu show, great and specatular show. And if you ever wonder what the splash zone means, well short story ; you will get wet :0)
Since Grand Canyon was not to far from San Diego (about 7-8 hours drive) we rented a car and drived to Grand Canyon. About Grand Canyon is diffucult to describe, it is a place you just have to visit for you self. It is gorgeous, fantastic, marvelous and impressing all at the same time. But if you have possibilitet to stay for more then one day, doe that and discover Grand Canyon other ways then only from the Bright Angel point view.
I will come back to San Diego I just fall in love in the city, and Grand Canyon? Well I can’t understand the person who don’t want to go back.

Here home the Hundhelsesenteret in Bergen has open, it is a center for rehabilition, swimming, homepathi, healing, massage, acupunktur, physiotherapy and beauty salon for the dogs. My new company Bergen Hundehealing, is located at Hundehelsesenteret. It is so much to doe in the start, both places has website that I am the webmaster for.

In the hobby acticity, I have spun up a lot of angora wool. So soon I am ready to begin to knit angora products again.

The dogs need also to be take care of, so the blog don’t have the most priority no at days. Here is some few photos from the USA trip, enjoy.

Click on the photos to see them larger.

San Diego, Oldtown
san-diego-7.jpg san-diego-20.jpg san-diego-19.jpg san-diego-3.jpg san-diego-13.jpg

sea-world-shamu-2.jpg sea-world-shamu-7.jpg sea-world-shamu-8.jpg sea-world-shamu-17.jpg sea-world-shamu-3.jpg

Grand Canyon

grand-canyon-22.jpg grand-canyon-23.jpg grand-canyon-19.jpg

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