In Norway we have christmas dinnerparty for friends before, christmas day.

This year I invited all my friends from Hobbyboden, Bergen, to a pre christmas dinnerparty but with korean food instead of the traditional norwegian food.
It was a great success, it was served the tradionell meal Bulgoggi, chap chae, different kimchi dishes, rice and kim. Non of the girls gave up eating with chopsticks, impressing. I had before promised to make the food not to strong, and they loved the food. Next year, it will be made stronger 🙂

The girls was so lovley, look what I got from them. A lovely plant, called Amarylis from Kicki, hope I don’t kill it 😉 beautiful maskmarker from Merete, from Tittei a gorgous canvas who was perfect to my new salon table with a beatiful crystal to have light in. And from all of the girls, two knitting basket with knitting needle basket. How did you know that I wished for knitting basket girls? It is Elimor who has made theme, thank you all for the lovely gifts 🙂

I don’t have photos from the dinner, but I am sure that some of the other girls will have photos in there blogs soon. I just have photos as the evening went on, well in fact it was to the morning after. Titte, Tutten, Dyveke, Vivi and Lises left first at 0630 in the morning 😉

As usualy we all was knittin, well I was spinning a little bit with my Bubinga drop spindle. It was very intresting as the hour went by, how the different knitting project went on. Since there was some alcohol on the table, some was very productiv, some had suddenly made new pattern, and someone got never finish with here project 😉

Here is the photos from the party and since I don’t have photos of them all. Here is the name of all of the girls who was in the party; Vivi, Lises, Dyveke, Kicki, Merete, Stillow, Elimor, Tittei, Tutten, Synne and of course me.

First of all, look at my lovely presents:

Titte, Dyveke and Stillow, having a great time.pb180005.jpg

Dyveke, Stillow and Kicki

Merete just knitting, not preparing to hold a speach or a song?pb180007.jpg

That did Lises, a very cosy and adult song 😉

Stillow, Kicki and Elimor

Tittei is wondring if the cap is the right size and I think she was satisfed.pb190013.jpg

It is hair styling time, where is the knitting needles?pb190015.jpg

Vivi, has already knitting needles in here hair, next out is Tutten. pb190016.jpg

Finish 🙂

Lises late ore early in the morning.
Tittei is trying to say that she is very tired, the driver want to leave 😉pb190021.jpg

Lises what are you thinking?

Poor Charlie did not now what to doe, hi is not used to that his mother is having party to the enxt morning. Very exhausted 🙂poor-charlie.jpg

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