How the days just fly away.

As normaly it is very busy, it has been a new spinning guild with my angora friends in Litleskare – Nordhordaland and then stright home to have knitting guild at my place at the evening all this on Wednesday. I rely must begin to check my schedule before I am arrangin this guild. Some days in the office, Saturday, sales mess for some hours then stright home, cleaning in the angora stable, and then stright to the airport to go to Oslo. My new nephew was going having his batism. And now it is rely time to get finish with the christmas gift. Tired oh now, 🙂 Charlie and Elli was sleeping over at Charlotte, Charlie found a playmate there and was also tired 🙂



Yesterday I Merete and Tutten had there knitting birthday parties togheter. A very nice evening, with lots of goodie to eat.

Yesterday the KoolAid I won on ebay come, just 100 packet ore well I won 200 packet. But 100 packet are going to Bente.

Today I have done some new pot dying, yesterday I also drop in to Ikea and bought a new larger glas pot. So today I have to tried it to dye with 😛 I used 3 packet of Rasberry reaction and 2 packet of Changin Cherry.
pc060008.jpg 3-rasberry-reaction-and-2-changin-cherry.jpg


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