Large skein with angora finish.

Oh, my oh my. This is the largest skein I have spun and plyed, 255 gram and 779 m (874 yards).

Here the yarn is on the plying bobbin, as you can see I have not filled up the bobbin. So I could have plyed more.

Hanging over the Little Gem 2
And here it is on the pillow.

The news said that it had rain every day since 18 October, and yes it is raining, blowing, thunder and lightning. A lot more then what we are used to, we have not had the snow in oct./nov. for 1 week.
But today, I so some blue sky so I took the dogs out for a walk in the woods. It was very weet, and since I got out so late. We went in the dark, but I had a flashlight with me so at least I could se where I was going. The dogs was running and did’nt bother about the darkness, but we had a lovely walk.

Charlie and Ellie taking a rest after the trip.



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