Happy New Year.

2006 has past, and a new year is beginning. Wonder what will happen, will I get my new firm up and go, will the planing of the next puppie litter be what I hope for? Well, I think we all have our dream and hope for what 2007 will bring. I hope you will get your dreams fulfill 🙂

Else I must serious gettin my website for my new company Bergen Hundehealing (healing on dogs) finished. But it is difficult to decied how much and what kind of information that shall be written. It is easiere to make a website about healing on human, most of people now about the spiritual thinking behind healing.
It can not be to much of spirituality making a website about dog healing, so then it is much easiere to write in the blog instead 😛

But here is some of my latest project, and some christmas gift I got.

Felted sock, knitted of handspun merino. Well, it should be to my two nephew here in Bergen. But they felted so good and much, was just using 30c. Well, they ended up in children size 27 :))
Tubesocks in Opal Dr. Fish
Christmas gift from Kenneth and Rikke, very good friends of me. Feltet slippers, handmade.
Eli has made me knitting needle cases, love ut. Now both my 15cm and 20 cm knitting needle are all in place the whole time.

And since I have sold so much of the angora products, I need to begin to spinning again so I have yarn to knit of. Where are all the time going?

En tanke om “Happy New Year.

  1. Heidi,
    I am so sorry. I thought I sent you a welcome message last week, but I didn’t, I sent it to my other pal. I have lost the initial email I got, could you please send me an email with your email address and information?

    I love your blog, everything is beautiful, and I hope you had a merry Christmas too.
    your secret pal

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