Time to clip my angora, first Billy.

It is time again to clip all my angora’s again, it will be a busy week. Especially because I clip each angora to times, then the angora don’t get to impatiens and my back is still good after the clipping 😛


Cirkeline, black

Dina, wild-grey

And ups, I discovered now that I have forgot to taken photos of Alfie. My white angora, well it is a day tomorrow also 🙂

I am participate in a Spinning swap, it’s working in the way that I have got my own swap friend who I am going to spin a skein to. And then I have secret swap friend, both of them are I in contact with. And now I am soon beginning to spin the skein to my swap friend.


3 tanker om “Time to clip my angora, first Billy.

  1. Heidi,
    They are so cute! I need bunnies of my own, I am having trouble because I want some. I want to build cages and arrange a home for them, maybe I need to do that soon. I can’t wait to see the bald bunnies.
    Your Secret Pal

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