Hurricane hit Bergen last night.

From rain season to hurricane last night, and if that was not terrible enough a oil tanker has got down outside the coast. Fedje are a small comunity, and since the readiness is very low from the goverment and the hurricane who hit the westcoast the cleaning is very difficult. It is a lot of volunter from WWW.
Here in my town the damage from the hurricane are big, for myself I have been lucky just a brick missing from my roof. The damage at my parents and sister house where much worse, the bad weather has move into the countrie and it is predicted bad weather for a week. I think that I prefer rain, but best if the we soon can see some sun again.

Otherwise the day has been used to cleaning the angoras cage, and finish with clipping Dina. Tomorrow it is Cirkeline tourn to get finish, the plan was to doe it today. But both cleaning the cage’s and clipping finish two angora, well my back think that is to much 🙂
I will take photos of Dina and Cirkeline tomorrow.

No it is the dog who is getting there tour, then it is back to ply the angora yarn. It is so much that it seems that I never will get finish, but I wonder if the plying bobbin is taken the two regular bobbin’s.


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