It is winter in Bergen, well at least for a time.

Sunday it stoped raining and I think that we did not beat the rain record that is on 103 days. 85 days with rain I think that is enough, ore what doe you think?
So Sunday we got the cold weather and yesterday the snow came. It tok the kids on a trip along the roads, but even on the sidewalk it was so much salt. That they after a while was limping on three feet, Charlie I had to carry for a while.

So today we went to the woods, it was so lovely. Snow everywhere, and when it is rock ground that had ice on sunday. Well, you know when it then come snow, you see my point? Yes, I falled, typical me – but I did not hurt myself to much. Just my ankle is a little bit tender, at least I did not fall on any of the kids.

Here are some funy photos from the trip. And a tips, when you are taken you camera with you, remeber to have with you a resevere battery 😛 So it was just 4 photos, and then the battery was empty.

Charlie in the move.

Ellie, wonder if someone is coming?

Charlie found some intresting smell.

For my brother and sister-in-law I have knitted some baby booties and wristlets, knitted in handspun angora yarn.


My next order is a angora scarf to a friend of mine, I need a lot of order now. Kelly is going to be mated, and with the stud fee, high electricity and insurance bill that always come in january it would help a lot to my finance with much order now.

I am also going to have knitting/tupperware party next week, it is time to sell out and get rid of my stock with tupperware.
Here are some photos:





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