Well, it was not long we had snow.

Today the mild weather has come back, and it has begin to rain. I am sure that it soon will be cold, then ice, snow typical Bergen winter.

I got Kelly home today, she has been on holiday with here best friend Wyhme. They play and are very found of eachother. She is in season so she is in a cage here in the living room, with Charlie right beside the cage. Hi think it is very unfair that hi can’t mate here. But it is just to tomorrow she will be here, then  Merete who work at the Hundehelsesenteret and Dyreklinnken på Stend will take here with here on the flight to Oslo. So Charlie will just have one day with here in the house, so hi will not be to stress.
Since the dog that are travling in cabin, they need a special dog bag. I got tips and bougt one at Plantasjen, half of the price I would have paid in a zoo shop.



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