The rain are back.

Well, it is not typical when you are ready to take the dogs on there trip, the sky turn dark and it is suddenly begin to rain with heavy wind. Not a lovely weather to go out in. So I the kids got there dinner, and the angoras are next. I took two of the cage yesterday, begin to clip Alfie on here back and front. So today it is the two last cage and the rest of Alfies clip. I always clip the angora over two days, my back is better then and the angora is not so impatience.
So now I have white angora wool to spin of again, I know a couple of knitting friends who will be happy.

Kelly are still with here fiancè, we just have to arange to get here home to Bergen again.


I also finish the angora scarf I have knitted to a friend of mine, I hope he will get satisfied. And finaly all of the angora are finish with there clip, it is just 3 month to next time 😛

Photos of both angora and the scarf are comining.


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