Hiya, I have got dogwool.

Today I got my first dogwool, it is from Bearded Collie that Merete at Kennel T-Bob breed.
Don’t it look yummie? Can’t wait to start spinning and it is so soft.


I hold my first information about my work as healing on dogs, at one of the social meeting at Blindeforbundet. Connie and Anne from AquaDog Bergen, and Benedicte Karhs who is a massage and homeopat to dog was also there. For my part it went alright but for some reason my head just got blank and I became nervous ( talk about irony, I have been speech for over hundres of delegates, well well). It was the first time I speech about doghealing, so maybe it was therefor I got nervous and went blank. But I hope that they got some positiv information about my work. I told stories from many of the good respons I have had from dogs I have had to healing. It was a lot of question, so it shall be intresting to see the respons later.


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