Spinning swap and more.

Last year I sign up to Spin to Knit secret swap. The rules is that I got a secret pal who is sending me a handspun skein with a least 60 yards and I have secret pal I am sending to. We all have to have blog, and put out photos of the skein in the blog.
Bought my secret pals are from US, and I have got a very good friend in Allena who is my secret pal. Today I got the parcel from here, and wow all the goodies she has send me. I got to wonderful handdyed skein, a blend of merino/alpaca/kid mohair. And a lot of KoolAid and happy joy, Wilton’s ice dying colors. Gues who is going to spin up white yarn very fast. Thank you so much Allena, I am looking forward to see you blog. Allena’s blog


Here is also a photos of Charlie, when I got the wool from Merete breeder of Bearded Collie. Charlie tought it smell strange, unknown dogs? But now dogs, hi was a little bit confused :o) and had to take a look into the food bag. Maybe it was a dog there?



Else I have got a lot of new client on my job, I have some very good results on healingmassage to dogs. Nothing is better then getting positiv feedback from the owner’s dog.
But typical enough I have also got seek, I don’t know why but every winter I get a touch of pneumonia. I normaly hold it under controll with nature medicin. But since I also have astma, it is not a good combination.
Lucky enough it seems that the dog understand that I am seek, so they seem satisfied to get a little walk on just 20 min. Normaly the try to take the long walk, when we take a trip on along the road. But today Charlie turned in to the little walk route, good lad.

I also have to finish spinning angora, since I have got a lot of large order. Hopefully I get finish tomorrow and can send it, if not it shall be send on monday.

A photos of Ellie, taken it easy. She is the boss in the house 😛



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