First attempt to dye with Wilton’s

I got for a few days ago my packet from my dear secret pal Allena in US, where she send me here handspun skein and a lot of food dyes, jippi.

So here is my first attempt with Wilton’s Delphinium ice dye, it is in fact just one color. But somehow the colors split, and this is very typical for Wilton’s icing colors.

Here has the roving been put into the dye bath:

Next, this is how is look after it is finish in the microwave, this is how it look from the front:


And here is from the back:
Wilton’s is very different to work with then KoolAid, yes it is that the colors can split. But also that it takes up the dyes so quickly, it is therefore I have stronger colors in the part who went in first the tops are Blue Faced Leicester.

I am so exicted and cant wait to the top are dry and I can begin to spin with it 😛

From what I can read on Cacas website, it seems that they are selling Wilton’s Icing Dyes. But look after the label to Wilton’s, I bought a glas bottle in a store when I ask about Wilton’s. And did’nt think so much that it was written Cacas on the labels, I could’nt use the food colors at all. All color bleed out, well of that little who took color.

Another question is the price, if you rely will dye with Wilton’s you should buy them overseas. The box with 1 oz cost there kr 9.5 og hos Cacas kr 55,-

New information about Cacas selling org. Wilton’s. They doe, I have talked to one of there sellers and look for myself that it is the correct org. Wilton’s Ice dye color. Case closed.


2 tanker om “First attempt to dye with Wilton’s

  1. Bare til opplysning så er så å si ingen av cacasfargene de opprinnelige Wiltons (jeg har vært på party). Dette fordi det er ikke alle fargene som er godkjente som bruk i matvarer her til lands. Sikkert derfor du erfarte at cacasfargen ikke holdt mål.

    På ebay får du de til 1,25 dollar stk. 3 dollar i frakt for 1, 4 dollar for flere. Ikke verst.

    Hei Synnøve.
    Takk skal du ha, jeg trodde at noen var de opprinnelige til Wilton’s siden de har nøyaktig de samme navnene. Det så ut som om Color settet til skrik, 349,- ser ut som org. krukkene og fargen på esken er helt lik. Den fargen jeg kjøpte og sto Cacas på, var en liten mørk glass beholder. Burde jo luktet lunten allerede da, og den var også dråper.
    Skal ta å forandre innlegget mitt.

  2. I tried to send this through email but it wouldn’t go through for some reason.

    Yes, that would be great for you to link my blog to yours. I will yours as well. Yes, I cannot wait to get my wheel. Today I am having two knitting groups that I attend meet at my house. I am really looking forward to getting them all together. One of the groups are much better knitters than the other. They are bringing some of their finished items to show the beginners. Also a spinning friend of mine, June, is bringing some drop spindles for a demonstration and so the others can try to spin. She is also going to show them how to make their own spindle. I will have pictures on my blog later.

    You have a great day!!!!


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