Surprice in the post.

For about a week ago I orded some more wool from Yarn&Tale in US. And for some reason I did not think that it could be the wool, when I got a notice slip from the post office. So when I got to the post office and I so what packets it was, I was so happy. The most gorgeous wool from Leah in Michigan had arrived, look at this gorgeous wool. When I open the packet the wool just pop out.

Here is from left; Naturaly white merino 50% / 50% tussah silk laps, in the midle Khaki 50%merino /50% tussah silk laps and the little white one to the right is a sample of white kid mohair/wool.
Some of this wool I will spin together with angora, that must just be yummie?

And some puppie photos most also be posted :oP


The puppies are born.

The puppies arrived this morning, it seems that it is 5 puppies. 3 black/tan bitches, 1 black/tan male and 1 red male, they all look very promising.

Here is two photos, more will come on my kennel website Mataya.
3 puppies are born.

And all 5 taken good care of there mothers, Kelly.

Busy weekend

This weekend it was dog show in Bergen, I did not show any of my dogs. But I wish that I had showed Charlie on the Dachshundclub’s show on sunday. It was Mr. Markku Lampero (FIN) who was jugding and did a very good and honost jugding, I learnd a lot from just siting ringside and lissen to what hi sad it was a open jugding. I also got visit from Britt (Foxfoot) that is a breeder friend who came over from Fetsund with two of here dogs to the Dachshunds show. It is always great to meet up with dachsie friends. Charlie behaved very nice, even if it come another male in the house :oP For Britt it went very vell, Boogie got Best in Breed and 4 Best in Show Blues here litter brother became Best of opposite Sex. If you want to look at here dogs, check here website :o)

Kelly is getting bigger and bigger, here is a photos taken yesterday:


I did also finish the wool blend I dyed with Wilton’s Delphinium blue, it is one tread of aussie merino and one tread of BFL. It is wonderful soft and I love the colors, one of the reason to why I love this yarn is the way it is coloring itself.


Quiet day.

Not so much is happen today, took some photos of Kelly she is no on day 56 and I can feel the puppies moving.

p3220004.jpg p3220009.jpg

Here one of my special boy, Charlie

I took also a photos of the koolaid colored mittens in angora, this is taken on my hand so it is easier to see how it looks on the hand.


I was in the newspaper yesterday :o)

Bergen Hundehealing is my own firm where I work as a healer on animals especially dogs, and people. So now I have been interview as dog healer in BA. You will find the article under the «presse button» on my website, but all the information and the article is in norwegian. I am very satisfied with the article, it is good and informative written by Tove Gulbrandsen reporter at BA.

It was also knitting birthday party, the birthday girl was Lise. I took some photos, but they where not good so there is no photos from the party.

More photos from Aura Soma stand, and about daily life.

So was the Alternativmessen in Bergen over for this year, this year I thought it was a good convention. Took some more photos from Aura Soma’s stand on the Alternativmessen in Bergen.


Here is Stian and Raji.

Raji and me:

More photos of the gorgoeus Aura Soma products:
p3180007.jpg p3180010.jpg



I have also begin to spin of the wool I dyed with Wilton’s Delphinium blue. I rely love the way the colors change.

Here are a couple of mitten’s knitted in angora, that is dyed with Koolaid Berry Blue. They are darker then it looks in the photos.

And some photos of the kids:

Day 1 of alternativmessen/conference in Bergen.

First day of Alternativmessen in Bergen is finish, I come a little bit late because I had to buy food to the rabbits.

Here are some photos from Aura Soma‘s stand, Aura Soma english website

It is Renate you can see, sitting behind the beautiful Aura soma’s bottle.p3160004.jpg

Here is Stian and Raji, Stian has his own firm Likevektsterapi who is in Oslo. Raji is one of the most beautiful lady I ever have met, and are one of the owner to Aura Soma Norway. She is also the teacher of Aura Soma school in Norway. p3160005.jpg
More photos of the beatiful Aura Soma’s products


This is Renate, she is from Bergen and has here own company Ametysten and work from Den ene.

Long day.

It has been a long day, first it was work in my job Bergen Hundehealing, then stright home gave the kids there dinner. Then down in Grieghallen where Alternativ Nettverk is holding there annual alternativemess. I am working on Aura-Soma’s stand, and this evening we arranged our stand and got all the products in place.
Wen I come home at 2130 it was walk with the kids, not the longest but good enough for them. Luckly it was stoped raining, so it was a nice walk.

Yesterday, Stillow had invited the knitting guild to knitting in my new apartement. Merete, Elimor, Irene, Synne and me gave here a knitting present, usely you give something to the house but we tought it was better with some yarn. So we gave Stine two skein with my handspun merino in tangerine color, who we know that Stine had fall in love with the first time she so the yarn and a two couple of fairytale. A lovly yarn in alpaca, I would like to buy to myself.
p3140003.jpg p3140004.jpg
Here are some other photos from the party:

Stine beatiful english gentleman, who has become a norwegian lad.


Kelly is becaming bigger.