A little update.

Yes, I know it is some days since latest updatet, but I have still a lack of energy after my pneumonia.

Kelly is on the 6 week tomorrow and has begin to be huge know, very cosy and are taken everything very calm now. No looking after a whole in the fense, but she is also to huge to get out also :o)

I also finished with a couple of socks, knitted in Fabel from Garnstudio. I like the yarn very much and think it is softer then Opal. It is maybe not so much faboulous colors that Opal has, but I like the yarn.

Here is the Blue Face Leiciester I dyed with Wilton’s, ready to spin.

I have also been spinning, finish with a angora and alpaca yarn. Think this would be a soft and beatiful yarn to be knitted with.

The spinning who is in progress right know, is some silk. I have got some order one angora/silk yarn, this is the second time I am spinning silk and this time I got the hang on it now. And I understand why everybody are telling me that they love to spin with silk. Photos will come.


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