Long day.

It has been a long day, first it was work in my job Bergen Hundehealing, then stright home gave the kids there dinner. Then down in Grieghallen where Alternativ Nettverk is holding there annual alternativemess. I am working on Aura-Soma’s stand, and this evening we arranged our stand and got all the products in place.
Wen I come home at 2130 it was walk with the kids, not the longest but good enough for them. Luckly it was stoped raining, so it was a nice walk.

Yesterday, Stillow had invited the knitting guild to knitting in my new apartement. Merete, Elimor, Irene, Synne and me gave here a knitting present, usely you give something to the house but we tought it was better with some yarn. So we gave Stine two skein with my handspun merino in tangerine color, who we know that Stine had fall in love with the first time she so the yarn and a two couple of fairytale. A lovly yarn in alpaca, I would like to buy to myself.
p3140003.jpg p3140004.jpg
Here are some other photos from the party:

Stine beatiful english gentleman, who has become a norwegian lad.


Kelly is becaming bigger.


3 tanker om “Long day.

  1. Heidi, It DOES sound like a long day!!!!! Looks like you and your friends were having a great time. And the yarn you gave your friend is beautiful!!!

  2. Ja, ni verkar ha kul i allafall, minst sagt, hihihi.
    Och pus ser ju ut som min jö, 😉 Nä, alla svarta katter är INTE lika, lovar, hihihi…
    Må så gott… värmländskan… kramis och ha en trevlig helg och sköt om dig…

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