Busy weekend

This weekend it was dog show in Bergen, I did not show any of my dogs. But I wish that I had showed Charlie on the Dachshundclub’s show on sunday. It was Mr. Markku Lampero (FIN) who was jugding and did a very good and honost jugding, I learnd a lot from just siting ringside and lissen to what hi sad it was a open jugding. I also got visit from Britt (Foxfoot) that is a breeder friend who came over from Fetsund with two of here dogs to the Dachshunds show. It is always great to meet up with dachsie friends. Charlie behaved very nice, even if it come another male in the house :oP For Britt it went very vell, Boogie got Best in Breed and 4 Best in Show Blues here litter brother became Best of opposite Sex. If you want to look at here dogs, check here website :o)

Kelly is getting bigger and bigger, here is a photos taken yesterday:


I did also finish the wool blend I dyed with Wilton’s Delphinium blue, it is one tread of aussie merino and one tread of BFL. It is wonderful soft and I love the colors, one of the reason to why I love this yarn is the way it is coloring itself.



2 tanker om “Busy weekend

  1. Poor little Kelly. She should be feeling better soon. But then she will be so busy caring for those little ones. Poor Heidi will be busy as well. I can’t wait to see those babies!!!!

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