Surprice in the post.

For about a week ago I orded some more wool from Yarn&Tale in US. And for some reason I did not think that it could be the wool, when I got a notice slip from the post office. So when I got to the post office and I so what packets it was, I was so happy. The most gorgeous wool from Leah in Michigan had arrived, look at this gorgeous wool. When I open the packet the wool just pop out.

Here is from left; Naturaly white merino 50% / 50% tussah silk laps, in the midle Khaki 50%merino /50% tussah silk laps and the little white one to the right is a sample of white kid mohair/wool.
Some of this wool I will spin together with angora, that must just be yummie?

And some puppie photos most also be posted :oP



2 tanker om “Surprice in the post.

  1. Congratulations on the puppies!! I hadn’t had a chance to check and see how things went until now; I’m glad to hear all went well. Very very cool. 🙂

    Sigh . . . and I do NOT need to hear how great Leah’s laps are! I just did inventory on my own fiber and shouldn’t even look at anything else for a bit. 🙂

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