Puppies, knitting and dying

Some puppie photos, they are 1 week old today doe I need say more 😛



For while ago I knitted a couple of pocket slippers, from the handspun yarn my secret pal Allena was spinning to me.

I had a lot of white angora and white alpaca I had been spinning, but since I thougt the colour where rely boring. I decied to dye some skeins, since I know that it is many who like brown I tried to get a nice brown colours from KoolAid. Not quite my favorit colour, but I think that it went well.


Here are the knitting I am doing know, it shall be wrist warmer with fold pattern. This is the BFL and aussie merino I dyed with Wilton’s Delphinium blue.


3 tanker om “Puppies, knitting and dying

  1. The puppies are getting cuter everyday!!! And I love the BFL and merino you dyed. Very pretty. I spinning some white romney that I’m going to dye once I get it finished.

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