Time for angora clipping again.

Yesterday I begin the clipping on the angora and  Billy was first out. That little rascal is a nightmar to clip. I don’t know if it is because hi is so tame that hi can’t sit still for more then 5 min, and the whole time thinking on jumping of the chair. I could rely k…….. him sometimes, the clipping is taken the dubbel of the time. But I have begin to cliped them over two days, so I finish him today.

Since my back was quite good, I also begin on Dina the ladys are a dream to clip. They just sit still and wait patience to I am finish, but I still take them over two days. It is better for my back and for them, hopefully next clipping time I will have the shearing machin in house. The cliping will then take the half of the time then it is today, maybe then Billy can behave better (it is allowed to dream).

Since it is boring to whole time see a nude angora, I have taken photos of all the wool that is ready to spin now.


I also dyed some angora yarn with Wilton’s royal blue. the reason to why it is difference in the colours is that one of the skein is org. wildgrey angora and the other skein is a blend of wildgrey and white angora. Intresting to see the shadings in the colours, even if it is the same dyes that it is used.



3 tanker om “Time for angora clipping again.

  1. Wow, how much fiber does that come out to? It is so pretty. And it is interesting the difference in the color the two yarns took up. Both very pretty.

  2. Will you come and pluck my little booger of a young buck? He’s a pain too but not my doe…she’s a sweetheart. Lots of yummy angora wool though ~ YAY! And the puppies are lovely!

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