Daily life and new experience.

Well I had heard that coking product with teflon is not good to use when the teflon are beginning to disapear. Well today I learn that it is right, I got sick after preparing the food. It tasted a little bit strange, but I did not think over that. Well, the whole evning I have not been good, but the most stupid are that I have did this one time earlier. But did not connect it, but this time the frying-pan is going in the trash at once.

Okey, done is done over to something news and a happy event, since it is my birthday tomorrow and I am not going to celebraite the day. I had wish for a new mixmaster since my other did not work anymore. So today my mother and me shoped a new mixmaster, so now I can bake cake again.


Else Ellie think that it is taken one of here funny slepping positon, she has here own photo webpage on my kennel website; here you can see Ellies photo album



3 tanker om “Daily life and new experience.

  1. Heidi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Isn’t it fun to get new toys? I love kitchen gadgets. And yeah, if you saw the way some of my teflon pans look you would be running away screaming!!!! I have some new ones, I just like the old ones. No sickness yet though. Hope your day if full of happy knitting, spinning and puppy things.

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