Yesterday I had knitting birthdayparty.

It is always nice to have knitting guild, but it is much nicer to have knitting birthday party. Look on all the goodies I got from my good knitting friends.


Knitting bag from Synne, Annevenn, Merete, Lises og Vivian, Faerytale yarn from Kicki, crochet slippers and needles holder charm from Irenetur, candles napkins and ribbons and a beautiful angels from Tittei and Tutten, canvas and bowls from Stillow and here mother Tone Ruth, money from Elimor that’s is going straight to more wool buying 😛

Thank you so much all of your 🙂

I also got some money from my siblings and mum and dad, so Wollknoll here I come.

I forgot to take photos of the two cakes I made from my new mixmaster, not for braging but to show what I made from my mixmaster. It works much better then the old one I had.

Some new puppie photos:


3 tanker om “Yesterday I had knitting birthdayparty.

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! All your gifts are so very nice. It is nice to have such good knitting friends. I cannot wait to see what you purchase with your birthday money!!!! Isn’t it exciting?

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