Juhuu, the birthday wool from Wollknoll are in the house :o)

Since the custom office had done something wrong with my letter of attorney, I had do send in a new on and typical it took 2 days more before the they where finish with the custom decleration.

So finaly today I got notice from the post office and rushed of to get the packet paid for and take it home.

Tada, it is 3 kg of Mulberry silk, 2 kg of Tussah silk, 1 kg of grey alpaca, 1 kg of australian merino white and 1 kg of australian grey merino. But relax, it is just 5 kg who is mine 😛


The quality is gorgoeus, I have found my favorit place to shop this type of wool and fiber 🙂

Here is a photos of my first bobbin with dog wool, it is from Collie and I have already plyed it together with Gotland that I bought from Jackie. It is no washed and are hanging to dry in the shower.


I am also finised with one bobbin of lace white angora yarn, but spinning lace weight take time and are honostly a little bit «boring». But here is a photo of the bobbin, the coin is a Norwegian 1 coin.


And of course we need to see some new puppie photos, agree? 😛

First time out in the garden.

Little playful girl.


Something intresting Mike and Charlie?

2 tanker om “Juhuu, the birthday wool from Wollknoll are in the house :o)

  1. Wow, that is a lot of fiber!!!! It looks beautiful from here. That is the first time I have ever seen dog fur spun up. How did you spin the Gotland? I got some from Jackie as well and I’m afraid to spin it. I tried but it kept breaking on me. And yes, the puppies are so adorable. I would have a hard time parting with any of them!!!!

  2. Hi Peggy.

    I had no problem spinning the Gotland tops from Jackie, I was spinning it lace weight. I thought it was easie to spin, maybe you need to correct the tension?

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