More yarn arrived.

Since I was so satisfied with the quality of Indidecita the alpaca yarn are selling, I orded some more. The colors I was not so pleased with, they where very different from the photos at the webpage. Typical enough I was thinking on order the shade card but I did not, well I will doe that next time for there is nothing wrong with the quality.
The Navy Blue are very flat boring blue color, the Seagreen are the same but the Dark Camel are wonderfull. So I think I just sell the colors I don’t like, and keep the remaining.


I was also a little bit unsecure of the purple color in the angora & silk yarn, so I overdyedit and this time I also used a packet of Black Cherry (KoolAid) and this time I was very pleased with the results. No I just need to get more of the Black Cherry and most of importance I promise, next time I will remember to take photos of the prosecc and write down the recepie 😛


I also tryed 3 plying using the Navaho method it went well, but I need to practise on the twist so I can get the yarn in balance. Here is a link to a intersting article about Navaho plying ore plying chained singles like it is also called.


In on of the norwegian hoby forum I am member of, someone had posted about this little boy: «Seven year old Shane Bernier is a brave cancer patient at CHEO and he is asking people to send him a card for his birthday on May 30th. Shane wants to set a world record for the most number of cards received!» Here is his webpage.


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  1. That is one reason I am kinda afraid to order yarn on-line, you can’t be sure about the color. Hopefully you will be happy with the Tofutsies I picked up for you. The angora-silk looks beautiful!!!!! I look forward to seeing it knit up. I have Navajo plied once and it was okay, I don’t think mine turned out as nice as yours. I’m not sure I will do it again. Maybe if the singles I have spun requires it in order to keep the colors together. We shall see.

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