More shopping.

I took a shopping trip to To Damer I was going to change two of the Faerytale balls I got from Kicki. But as all now, when you go to a yarn shop you are alway tempted to buy a little bit more. So I bought two ball more of Faerytale and the latest pattern magazine from Du Store Alpakka, beautiful patterns. I also bougth some circular needles from Knitpick, they are much better then Addi the cable are very different. No I think I will just pay the the knitting needles set, I save a lot of money buying the set.


I also plyed the merino&silk yarn with the Navaho plying ore chain plying it is also called, but I think I will like to ply 3 tread yarn instead. It takes quicker time, but also I got a shorter yarn.



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