Then all the puppies has left.

Yesterday the last puppies left and I have already got report from theme all, they are having it just well with there new families 😛


Little Mataya’s Foxy Black Lady was the last to leave, more photos on my kennel website.

Mataya’s Foxtrot Juliett are staying in the kennel and will live with the co owner Nina and Marius:

Spinning information: My secret pal from Spin to Knit has published here new online spinning magazine; Spindle and Wheel. It has intresting arcticle, great tutorials, forum and no also there first Fiber Swap. So take a look and join the Forum 🙂


3 tanker om “Then all the puppies has left.

  1. Oh, all the puppies are gone!!!! How do you feel? And how great to have a swap pal that actually publishes a magazine!!!!! Extremely cool!!!!

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