Socks and wristlets.

First products in the yarn I made from collie and gotland it is one tread of each, plyed together. I don’t know the english word for ragg sokker, but it is good thick warm socks to where in boots ore just use when you are inndoors 🙂


From the Charcoal Merino/Tussah Silk Laps I bougth from Leah, I used the Navaho ore chain plying, you can see photos of the yarn in the post; More shopping. From that yarn I knitted a couple of wristlets, it is a very easi pattern and one can also use two colors to get a little more «live» in the wristlets.


Else it has been very quiet in the house after the puppies have left, but no I can’t get the spinning go again. The last week it was inpossible to get done any spinning, then the puppies think the treadle was very funny and would just play and bite on them. I have more Collie wool on the bobbin, so I just have to get finish with all the Collie. One reason is that this yarn is spinning on a order from the dog owner to the Collie’s, and also that it is a a little bit stench of dog in my living room.

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