Intresting weekend.

This weekend I sign up for Amelia Kinkade’s workshop, she is a profesional animal comunicator and had workshop here in Bergen. It was thrue my work as a profesional healer on animal I was intrested to learn more in comunicate with animals. I doe already comunicate with animal, but use it more thruee my work with healing. It was very intrested and inspiring, Amelia is a wondeful and lovely lady.

We had many wonderful animal’s that we train with and for some strange reason my camera was left home whenever I was going to put it up in my bag, I forgot it. Well it was sad that I could’nt take photos of the wonderful animal that come especialy today, the pig Marzipan come along with the rat Halvorsen. But as I have learned earliere, everything has there own reason.

I will continue developing my sences to comunicate with animals, and I think I will sign up for Amelia’s next workshop here in Bergen next year. Ore I will travel to the Canary Island of Lanzarote. It was a inspiring and good weekend.

Here is photos of the angora yarn washed and dried, most of that I have winded up. But I have put a small amount in water, have for a long time promised to take a photo shot of the whole process. And this time I will doe soe 😛


Photos shots will come tomorrow, will the whole dying process. No I just have to decied what to dye with, and which method to use. You will see tomorrow 🙂


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