Food dyes photo tutorial.

I know I have promised many that I should take photos from the beginning to the end, but have always forgot to take photos. Well, well but this time I remember to take photos during the dyeing process.

During the dying of the angora yarn, I decied to dye some of the Romney roving I got from Peggy also. But first things first, here is the angora yarn.

I first soak the yarn in a mixture of water and a glug of white vinegar, with angora yarn you need to let it be in the water for a longer time then other yarn to get soaking wet. It is 24 gram white angora yarn, lace weight.

Then I prepeare the dye bath, this time I was going to try the Wilton’s ice dyeing colours that Peggy send me. It is red, orange and yellow, the idea was to split the skein in 3 parts I used about 2 dl water no vinegare put in on this time.

Then the skein was split in 3 parts(could have been done better, little to much red part). Put in the microwave for 3 minutes, then rest in 3 minutes. Before going in for new 3 minutes I then added 1 table spoon of vinegear. This process I repeatet 3 times, but I so that I had used to much colours. So I therefore used the rest of the dyebath to some of the Romney roving, look further down on the blog. When you dye with this method it is important that after the first 3 minutes, you pull the yarn down from the cup on all 3 cups down in the dye path. If you don’t doe this it will come white parts in the yarn.

The yarn is rinsed carefully in water, remember either to doe it in the same temperature ore just let it be in the dye bath to the next day and then rinse. Hang up to dry :

And here it is finished:

Next, since I had so much in the dyebath left I just got a idea and did the same with some of the Romney roving I got from Peggy. This I did not put in to the microwave, I just put the Romney in to the hot dye bath and let it stand there to it was cold. And it was not pre wet before the dyebath.

Here it is finish and ready to spin with:

I was also going to try some of the easter egg dyes tablets, but I need to doe some test dyeing to find out what is the right colours and not what I think is violet :p So when it first got out of control I just pour in some KoolAid mix, put everthing into my jar, Romney roving 50 gram up and into the micro it got. Here it is about 2,5 dl vinegear and 5 dl water.

The roving is to rinse, wonder rely what colours this will be. It has different shade, of green, purple, brown, red:


And here is it is dried and finish to begin to spin with, but I have a pretty good feeling that when I have spin up this roving it will be overdyed. Well I can be surprised, I have been that before, but I don’t think I will be that this time. p6180086.jpg