Look what I have bought :o)

I have for a long time wanted to buy a digital Camera, the one I have is of the compact type and no I wanted a more adwance. Taken photos of dogs recomand a high quality camera, I had decieded to buy Canon EOS400D but that change.

On thursday Anne, Merete (kennel T-Bob) with Britney, Batist, Bori and the puppy Beyonce, myself with Charlie and Kelly was off to Trondheim. It was time for dog show again 🙂
I meet Anne at Nesttun where we shoped in food for the trip, we passed the photo shop Fana Optik and I decided to just take a quick trip and ask for a good price on Canon EOS400D. Well, the seller did not recomand Canon EOS400D because they did not think the camera was good enough in the optic. Hi was very clever and just show us some photos and ask me what was the best, and when hi sad that the photos I had pick out as the best was taken with Nikon D40 I decided me for go for Nikon D40. I also ask what was the difference in the D40 and D40x, can’t exactly remember what was the big difference. Ore well it was not so much difference, so when hi gave me a very good price on the D40 house, 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor, SD-memory card 2 GB, UV filter and Vanguard bag I bought it.

So we come a little bit late back home to me, where Merete was waiting at us with here car and camping wagon. But she surely understod why we suddenly used more time and why 5 minutes suddenly changed to 15 minutes. Think this is the fastet buying I have done before, but I had make my mind up with what I was going to have. Just needed the last user experience, so instead of traveling downtown today and buy camera I did it on thursday .


This photos is taken with my old Olympus camera, for me this was good before – but not anymore :))

I will write a show how trip report on my kennel website, but that will come in some days. But here is a photo of Charlie and me that Anne took with my new D40, she falled in love with D40 and are thinking serious on buying on for here to. We took some photos, just about 500 😛


4 tanker om “Look what I have bought :o)

  1. Wow!!!! There is definitely a difference in those two pictures. I know you will really enjoy your new camera taking lots of pictures of the babies, fiber, yarn and knitting.

  2. Gatulerer med nytt kamera. Du kommer til å bruke mange timer bak kameraet og enda flere timer når du skal kose deg med resultatene etterpå. Det finnes så mange muligheter med slike kamera og du vil lære masse mens du bruker det også. Gleder meg til å se på alt det flotte du kommer til å ta bilder av. Tenk så mange fine sommerminner det blir på film nå. Ønsker deg en super sommer. 🙂

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