I got packet from US today :o)) and more angora&silk / silk yarn finish.

Finally the post office found my packet today, it arrived already on tuesday. But my local post office had scanned the wrong numbers. Well, well the most important of all here is what was inside the packet:


From Knitpicks I had orded knitting needles and two sets of Options Knitting Needle Set from Knitpicks, one of the sets is to Irenetur so I have not gone totally mad 😛 Some lace skein from Knitpicks, 1 white merino, 2 Gossamer in Carribean and Blue Jeans this is 100% merino, 2 skein of Shimmer in Morning Mist and Turguoise Splendor.


Here is a photos of Knitpicks Options Knitting Needle Set, here is what who is inside the carrying case:
Knitting needles tips -US Sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10.5 and 11
Cables – 2 each of 24″ and 32″ lengths
Accessories – 1 Knitting Needle Case with 6 Knitting Needle Pockets (2 single, 2 double, 2 triple), 8 End Caps and 2 Cable Keys.
I also bought two more cables in 40 and 47 inch a View Sizer, since there is no marked on the needle tips and Coil Knitting Needle Holders.


I need later to order some more of the regular circular knitting needles, since the interchangeable first begin from 3.5 mm.

This one is what I rely wanted, the Yarn Meter and WPI Tool and Knit Card. So from know I will no how many meters the yarn is exactly. Until know I have counted the lap when the yarn has been at the yarn winder.

And then Allena my wonderful pal, I got to know thruee Spin To Knit swap. She had send me Shetland wool from here own sheep. They are so soft and wonderful, straiten up the bad impressing I got from the terrible harsh Shetland woolI got from UK when I bought some drop spindles. There where also some lovely handdyed skein of yarn, that is there skein you can see on the right on the first photos.

Thank you so much for all the help Allena, since Knitpicks don’t send to Norway I need help from my friends in US 🙂

But I have also been spinning, so here is 134 gram with lace angora&silk yarn. I have it winded up at the yarn winder and are going to use the Yarn meter to see how many meter the yarn is. I will maybe hand dyed this yarn, since there was so many that like the purple angora&silk yarn I hand dyed for a while back.


I also had a left over at the mulberry silk, so I navaho plyed the silk. Navahoe plyed, meanst that it is a 3 treads yarn. I it just 10 gram, so I don’t know what to knit of it. But to be pure silk it is very soft 😛