More packets from US

Earliere when Rhonna was going back home to Tallahasse, she was going to order some more spinning item from Majacraft and ask me if she should got some to me too. I am lucky to have so many great spinner friends, here is what she orded for me. The new Lazy Kate from Majacraft. amd 4 more bobbins 😛


I also used the Yarn meter today and it worked great, my angora&silk yarn is 635 m (694 yards) 130 gram and 35 wpi.


Since I read about magic loop I wanted to try that, but had to wait for knit picks ciruclar needles to arrived since I need a soft and thin cable.



2 tanker om “More packets from US

  1. Heidi, Heidi, You are as bad as I am about collecting yarn!!!!! It all is so beautiful and you can never have enough bobbins!!!!! The handspun looks so soft and lucious.

  2. Heidi, I’m beginning to really not like you. 35 WPI and 600 some odd yards, I feel like such a loser now LOL. Someday I will be able to spin yarn that nice. sigh, I’m so jealous. Mine comes in at 18 wpi, which on the one hand is about as small as I can stand to knit lol, so i guess it’s a good thing. That yarn is beautiful, I love it. What color will it be?

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