I know, long time since last update :o)

Alright, I know it is a long time since last update, but it is so busy no at days.

Last weekend I was show weekend with the kids, I had Charlie and Kelly with me. The result up to know have not been of the best, but this weekend they did very well. On Saturday at Norges JFF show at Prestøya Charlie got 2. best male with res. CC and Kelly got 2. best bitch with res.CC.
Sunday was the Norwegian Kennel Club show at Bjerke. The day was was terrible in weather, we walked in mud up to the legs. But results was very good, Charlie got a very good critic but not the highest results 1. in open class and 3. in the competition class. Kelly did it very well, 3. best bitch with res. CC.
Of course, I hoped for the CC since both of the kids need the kennel club CC to became show Ch. they also need working merits. So maybe next show we will get the CC.
But this weekend, I also learned some of the not so good side with dogs show. I have heard about handlers that consciously try to destroy for other handlers and there dogs, and this weekend I experience this. Kelly always walked very good in the show ground, but when I suddenly felt that she did not want to walk I notice the handler behind me. The handler behind me nearly run Kelly down, before she past us as she should not have done. So after that Kelly did not wanted to go so much more, so I was very happy over the 3.place in the Best Bitch class. This behaving I have little respect for and yes, next time I will be ready and react this I will not tolerate anymore. Well, at least the handler did not got placed with here bitch in the Best Bitch class.

The other news is that I bought a GPS and yes it works almost 100%, but not always agree with me with was what the shortest way to the destination. But when I wake up on Sunday I quickly understand that I should have started the drive to Oslo for 15 minutes ago, the GPS that told me where the speed alarm is standing in the road was very handy to have. Doe I need to tell you why? 😛
We stayed with my brother Endre and his family, they had moved in there new house and had got it very nice and cosy.

I also met Stella a puppy I sold from Kelly and Milky’s litter, here is a photos of here:



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  1. I was getting worried about you. Glad to hear that all is fine and you have just been busy. If you put children in pageants the parents, usually mothers, will sometimes act the same way. Enjoy your GPS. 🙂 You get all the cool toys!!!!

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