What a day, Charlie became 3.Best in Show yiah :o)

This weekend I took Charlie, Kelly, Ellie and Pippi with me to show here home in Bergen, it is long time since Ellie has been showed. After last litter she had not come in so good shape that she should be, but after beginning with swim training she has gone down from 42 cm to about 35 cm. Even if she did not got the best results, she got a very good critic so I will maybe take here on show next year :o)

Yesterday was good results on Kelly, today she had to little coat. But wow, Charlie was back in business today I was back to normal and full of energy and that everyone could see on Charlie. He showed like just Charlie can, so first he became Best in Breed and then 3.Best in Show.

A great show weekend :o) PS! Photos from the show will come

Show weekend.

This weekend is the last show for Charlie and Kelly, Pippi the puppie bitch I have one co-ownership attend to here first puppy show.

For some reason I am not good today, so when I came on the show ground I was exhausted of unknown reason. Charlie is very sensitive on how I am, so don’t know if that was the reason that hi didn’t show so good that he use to. But Kelly did it very well, she became 2. Best bitch and got the certificate 🙂

Pippi became 2. Best puppy bitch, she had some fuzz on the table. But she is just 6 month old and this was Nina and Pippi first show ever.

Tomorrow is a new day, the rest of the day I am going to just relax and hope I am in better shape tomorrow.

I am also finish with the baby socks to my nephew Erik, it is hand dyed and handspun of angora, silk&merino. I am very satisfied with the dye job.


Angora clipping time again.

Then it is clipping time for the angora again, I started with Billy yesterday and today Alfie was finish.


Tomorrow is it Cirkeline’s time, I take one each day. My back can’t take more then one rabbit at the time.

I am also knitting some children socks to my nephew, forgot to take a photos. Post one tomorrow, I am very pleased with how the dyeing went. I just love this hand dyed yarn, here is a photos of the yarn. It is 50% angora, 25% merino and 25% silk.

Yesterdays must funny knitting guild.

The knitting lady’s is back in town, last evening I had invited the Bergen’s lady to a knitting evening. We did a swap this time that was arranged the way that everybody put a packet in a large bag and we all got one back 😛

This was the yarn I got and Irenetur was my pal, it is Oleana yarn 🙂


You know about Skype? Well since Annevenn left with here family to Bahrain the only way I have had contact with here is true mail. But yesterday we found a very good way to have contact. Yepp, Skype with webcamera is a good way to keep in contact with friends. Normaly I would never bought a web camera, but found out that to keep in touch with Annevenn in Bahrain this was great. So today I bought a webcamera, and look here who is with us on knitting party 😛


I also took with me the dogs to swim training and Ellie is no 36 cm around the chest, when she begin the swimming she was 42 cm so it is very effective.

Here is a better photos of the yarn I hand dyed for some days ago:


I forgot to tell who was there, it was Irenetur, Tittei, Lises, Merete, Tutten, Kiwa, Cruzidull, Vivian, Kicki, Synne, Stillow, Dyveke and of course Annevenn from Bahrain.

The Mirasol project in Peru.

Today I went to To Damer to buy more Fabel to Peggy and Allena in US, and when I was going to leave May told me about that Mirasol had got there own yarn collection.

The yarn is beautiful just take a look at the photos:

From left is Sulka 60% merino wool and 20% Alpaca & 20% silk, Hacho who is 100% hand dyed merino wool, Miski 100% Baby Llama.


Here is the sample card of the colors 😛

I just love the yarn and since I am crazy after hand dyed yarn the Hacho is gorgeous in the colors. I told May the owner of the store that tomorrow the Bergen Knitting Lady is coming to me, and that I was going to tell about the new yarn she had got. But you know, telling and feeling on the yarn are much better 😛 so I got a skein with each type to show the ladys and also a color card samples. Guess who is going to have a fun time tomorrow 🙂

Short about the Mirasol project: Mirasol is a young girl that shepard alpaca’s in Peru, Kari Hestness from Du store Alpakka in Norway meet Mirasol and here brother Alex when she visit Peru. For the whole story read here on Mirasolperu.

When I buy wool many of the suppliers stat that the animal are having the best care, yes that is very important. But for me it is also very important then I buy yarn it is of the Fair Trade idea, so with the Mirasol yarn I know that I support a good case.

I also hand dyed some yarn yesterday and are very pleased with the results:


The colors are not quite correct on the red one, that is more orange/golden that is 100% hand spun angora. The other one has different shades of green and I am very satisfied with how it turned out, it is hand spun 50% angora, 25% silk and 25% merino. This yarn I am going to knit socks to my nephew Erik, it is a late birthday present.

A story about swap and getting new friends.

When Allena my good spinning pal from Knit to spin launched there online magazine Spindle and Wheel, and told me that they should arrange a swap of course I joined.

The Fiber Frenzy they arrange are a little bit different from other, since we are getting thank you packets back. I sign up for 8 oz fiber and 125 yards handspun yarn, the pals I got is Diane in UK who is pal in the handspun yarn and Kathy US is my fiber pal.

The swap packets to Diane and Kathy are send and arrived, they both like there packets very much.

Thursday was my turn to get my swap packets, my secret pal for the fiber swap was Beth in US. She has here own store and all the stuff are from there, The Spinning Loft.


She send me the most gorgeous baby alpaca fiber, it is so soft so I just have to take it up and fell the softness to my skin.


There was also a wonderful hand dyed silk


and a lot of goodies, beautiful cards, Addi turbo lace knitting needles, soap for the fiber, measureband and a tool that I am not quite sure what is. But I think it is for holding the wool on to the wrist when I spin with a drop spindle ore is it something to do with WPI?

Thank you so much Beth.

So for the funny story about swap and getting new friends 😛

This story is all connected with Beth and I think it is funny, so see if you can follow 🙂

Allena’s secret pal was Beth in the handspun yarn swap. Beth’s secret pal in the fiber swap was Peggy and my secret pal in the fiber swap is yepp, Beth. Two of my best pal that I got in swap I joined and myself, we all have been connected with Beth. Is’nt that great and funny story 😛

I got book in my mail today :o))

I have for a long time looked at different book who has lace style pattern, this was the one I liked best even if I have not knitted from a english pattern yet 🙂


Allena, my wonderful pal who is sending all I order from Knitpicks further, also send some wonderful wool. Will take photos of the wool tomorrow, the other stuff I got from Knitpicks are circular knitting needles. The interchangeable don’t come under 3mm and with a 40 cm cable,  so I had to get some of them also.
Today was also the last day for sending the swap packets  out to my pals, that Spindle and Wheel are holding. I hope my pals like the packets, Kathy are my fiber pal swapper and Diane are my handspun yarn pal swapper.