I got book in my mail today :o))

I have for a long time looked at different book who has lace style pattern, this was the one I liked best even if I have not knitted from a english pattern yet 🙂


Allena, my wonderful pal who is sending all I order from Knitpicks further, also send some wonderful wool. Will take photos of the wool tomorrow, the other stuff I got from Knitpicks are circular knitting needles. The interchangeable don’t come under 3mm and with a 40 cm cable,  so I had to get some of them also.
Today was also the last day for sending the swap packets  out to my pals, that Spindle and Wheel are holding. I hope my pals like the packets, Kathy are my fiber pal swapper and Diane are my handspun yarn pal swapper.


5 tanker om “I got book in my mail today :o))

  1. Heidi, I’m supposed to be your pal for the fiber frenzy handspun yarn swap, but I never got a reply to any of the emails I sent you. I was wondering if you even knew? Last ditch effort of blog commenting. I hope to be sending your package off in the next week and a half.

    Hello my secret pal.

    I got one email august 1, that I reply on. Will send you a email, don’t know what has happen.


  2. Ja, DEN boken är härlig… man bara dreglar när man bläddrar i den, 😉 Har än inte kunnat bestämma mig för vad jag ska börja med, hihihi. Men, något lär det bli – frågan är som sagt var… vad? Men, den ÄR inspirerande på många sätt och bilderna är ju helt otroliga om man säger så…
    Må så gott… värmländskan… kramis och lycka till i valet av något att göra 😉

  3. I picked up this one last year and was so pleased with it that I had to order it for a friend who’s just beginning lace knitting. Was that bad of me or what? (grin) Nothing like encouraging someone else in your own obsession!

    Of course, the real trick it deciding what to knit first . . . 🙂

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