A story about swap and getting new friends.

When Allena my good spinning pal from Knit to spin launched there online magazine Spindle and Wheel, and told me that they should arrange a swap of course I joined.

The Fiber Frenzy they arrange are a little bit different from other, since we are getting thank you packets back. I sign up for 8 oz fiber and 125 yards handspun yarn, the pals I got is Diane in UK who is pal in the handspun yarn and Kathy US is my fiber pal.

The swap packets to Diane and Kathy are send and arrived, they both like there packets very much.

Thursday was my turn to get my swap packets, my secret pal for the fiber swap was Beth in US. She has here own store and all the stuff are from there, The Spinning Loft.


She send me the most gorgeous baby alpaca fiber, it is so soft so I just have to take it up and fell the softness to my skin.


There was also a wonderful hand dyed silk


and a lot of goodies, beautiful cards, Addi turbo lace knitting needles, soap for the fiber, measureband and a tool that I am not quite sure what is. But I think it is for holding the wool on to the wrist when I spin with a drop spindle ore is it something to do with WPI?

Thank you so much Beth.

So for the funny story about swap and getting new friends 😛

This story is all connected with Beth and I think it is funny, so see if you can follow 🙂

Allena’s secret pal was Beth in the handspun yarn swap. Beth’s secret pal in the fiber swap was Peggy and my secret pal in the fiber swap is yepp, Beth. Two of my best pal that I got in swap I joined and myself, we all have been connected with Beth. Is’nt that great and funny story 😛


4 tanker om “A story about swap and getting new friends.

  1. Heidi,
    This was the only way I could match us all without putting old pals to old pals. 🙂

    So Beth was the glue that holds us all together.

    Beth is so wonderful I can’t believe it.

    I am straining my creative ability for her thank you packet. Hard to send something great to the spinner who has everything LOL!

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