Yesterdays must funny knitting guild.

The knitting lady’s is back in town, last evening I had invited the Bergen’s lady to a knitting evening. We did a swap this time that was arranged the way that everybody put a packet in a large bag and we all got one back 😛

This was the yarn I got and Irenetur was my pal, it is Oleana yarn 🙂


You know about Skype? Well since Annevenn left with here family to Bahrain the only way I have had contact with here is true mail. But yesterday we found a very good way to have contact. Yepp, Skype with webcamera is a good way to keep in contact with friends. Normaly I would never bought a web camera, but found out that to keep in touch with Annevenn in Bahrain this was great. So today I bought a webcamera, and look here who is with us on knitting party 😛


I also took with me the dogs to swim training and Ellie is no 36 cm around the chest, when she begin the swimming she was 42 cm so it is very effective.

Here is a better photos of the yarn I hand dyed for some days ago:


I forgot to tell who was there, it was Irenetur, Tittei, Lises, Merete, Tutten, Kiwa, Cruzidull, Vivian, Kicki, Synne, Stillow, Dyveke and of course Annevenn from Bahrain.

3 tanker om “Yesterdays must funny knitting guild.

  1. Thank you for the funniest and most hi-tech knitting party ever!!!

    Just loved sitting in the window with you guys, i miss you so much down here.

    Hope you let me join in the next time you meet at your place. It was so good to see your faces and hear your voices again. Only thing I missed was feeling all the nice yarn…. 😉

    Lots of hugs from Bahrain

  2. NOW I see why you asked about skype LOL. I will have to get a webcam now, that is too cool. Problem is, then you’ll see that I’m in my jammies still LOL, and my hair isn’t combed.

    I’ll be going to primp each day in case someone calls 😛

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