Angora clipping time again.

Then it is clipping time for the angora again, I started with Billy yesterday and today Alfie was finish.


Tomorrow is it Cirkeline’s time, I take one each day. My back can’t take more then one rabbit at the time.

I am also knitting some children socks to my nephew, forgot to take a photos. Post one tomorrow, I am very pleased with how the dyeing went. I just love this hand dyed yarn, here is a photos of the yarn. It is 50% angora, 25% merino and 25% silk.

4 tanker om “Angora clipping time again.

  1. HEY! I want to see the really good Neckid bunny pictures! Lets see some close ups LOL. Neckid is a local slur of naked, and I just like saying it in a hick voice. LOL

    They don’t look that neckid to me, maybe I need glasses.

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