What a day, Charlie became 3.Best in Show yiah :o)

This weekend I took Charlie, Kelly, Ellie and Pippi with me to show here home in Bergen, it is long time since Ellie has been showed. After last litter she had not come in so good shape that she should be, but after beginning with swim training she has gone down from 42 cm to about 35 cm. Even if she did not got the best results, she got a very good critic so I will maybe take here on show next year :o)

Yesterday was good results on Kelly, today she had to little coat. But wow, Charlie was back in business today I was back to normal and full of energy and that everyone could see on Charlie. He showed like just Charlie can, so first he became Best in Breed and then 3.Best in Show.

A great show weekend :o) PS! Photos from the show will come


2 tanker om “What a day, Charlie became 3.Best in Show yiah :o)

  1. Hi

    Congrats on the result and glad to hear you had a good time at the show. My parents went to the show and it was to be my first show too in the puppy event, but I had a little «incident» the day before and got bitten in the ear.
    I had to go see the torturist(vet) and have my ear sown and I have been a bit short tempered since, so everyone thought it best if I was allowed to spend the day in peace and quiet. I wish I could have been there too. Maybe next time I will be there.

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