Yes, I know some times since latest bloging.

But there is so much to do this days and my health are not the best also, so what has happen since last bloging?

Last Monday I had the «Bergen knitting lady’s» here, a new idea we have no is to have a swap. This time after voting we had a swap with sock yarn and secret pattern, this is what I got from Irenetur lovely green Opal and English pattern 😛


So what am I else doing, well I am finish with 3 long wristlets knitted in the angora yarn I hand dyed with Wilton’s leaf green and black.


Also finish with plying white angora&silk, ready to wind up. One bobbin finish with wildgrey angora, one more to go before plying.



I also ball wind the English angora yarn I was finish with for a while ago, this wool was bought from Leah in Michigan.

I measured the yarn it is 4.06 ounce and 550 yards, this is what I have begin to knit; a shawl in feather and fan.


I know that is not good of my to have a favorite dog, but I must admit Charlie is my special boy 🙂


Just take a look at him, are you not agree?

Knitpicks has arrived, thank you Allena :o)

I am so lucky to have good friends like Allena in US, she send me what I want from Knitpicks.  You are just great Allena, thank you so much fot the help.
First come a big envelope yesterday and the other come today:


Chaos at my dining table, trying to find out who is what item 😉


And some control in all the madness, Kicki has already pick up here item’s. Ore well I found some circular needles after she had gone, that I thought was not coming 😛


I was very curious on what I had order, since I must admit I had forgot it. I should not admit it, but I got a surprise hi hi, for this is my items had totally forgot that I had order the yarn 😛


and I also got this book, it was alright but after reading other spinners feedback. I was a little disappointed, I had hoped for more technique.


Something I doe regret in, was that I did not order more of the wonderful Harmony Woods knitting needles. No they are so sold out, they doe get it in again. But sell so fast out again, that it seems it can take times before I can get the one I want.

Yesterday I Dyveke had knitting birthday party, I gave here two skein from the new Mirasol series Hacho hand-dyed merino; Peacock purple.

I had a lovely evening, Tittei also learned to how to knit My So Called Scarf. I am knitting the scarf in some of my own hand-spun yarn, it is Australian merino with silk in it. Very funny to knit and not so difficult that I thought it would be. Here is a link to the technique.


Here is also some photos of what I am finish with, ore well the baby booties miss there little ribbon.

Long wrist-lets knitted in the angora yarn I dyed in Wilton’s black.

This is the last baby booties I am knitting from this pattern, I find them to boring to knit ore the truth is that it is the sew part I don’t like.

One packet and one more packet :o)

For a while back I sign up on Spindle and Wheels swap, and they had did a change on there swap. The change is that we also where going to send thank you packet back to our pal that we got sign up to, and Thursday my thank you packet from Kathy arrived.

There was brown Romney, dog wool from Samojed and some unknown raw wool. There was a lovely bracelet and beads, and 2 Hershey chocolate. Thank you so much Kathy 🙂


I was going to take a photos of the bracelet and the beads, but when I took a pillow up on the couch for photos. Charlie insisted to be on the photos, he means that everything is about him so of course the pillow was for him to take a nap on 😛


Friday I looked at my mail box and there I got my packet from secret stalker, that was Melaine who was behind the nick this in the handspun yarn swap.

It was 3 lovely skein, here is what she wrote in the card:
The two skeins of alpaca are from a farm in Alberta. Athena is a lovely girl, whom i have the pleasure of meeting and Larocque..
Larocque is the most spectaulairy appaloossad alpaca I have seen. This is his Cria (baby) fleece. I spun it by flick carding each lock, spinning each lock from the fold and Najavjo plying to maintan the wonderful colour changes. Lastly, 95 yards of my own dog’s hair, mixed with silk. he is a Border Collie/Afghan hound/Australian shepherd. And some goodies.


From left is the skein from Athena, it is single and so soft. In the middle is the skein from Larocque , the shift in the colours are gorgeous and the last skein is from the dog. The photo in the card are from the valley’s of Melaine’s home. Oh, and the chocolate, that is Belgian chocolate I love Belgian chocolate, yummie 😛

Thank you so much Melanie, I am looking forward to begin to knit. Just have to decied what to knit of this gorgeous yarn you send me 🙂

I have also been productive latly, this is presents. The socks are knitted in Fabel yarn and are to my brother in birthday presents and the green shadings socks are to my nephew Erik in his birthday present. I had to change them a little bit, they are from my own handspun yarn in angora/merino/silk.



Last handspun and dyeing work.

Friday I found out that I wanted to doe some hand dyeing of the white angora yarn I was just finish with. I had for a long time wanted to try to Wilton’s black since I know that colours split by itself. I am very pleased with the results 😛

Dyeing bath, this is Wilton’s black and some Jacquard jet black.

and voila here is the result 😛


I also wanted to dyeing some green yarn I begun with Koolaid lemon-lime and one of changing cherry, but I was not happy with the results. So I put the yarn into a kettle with Wilton’s Black and violet for a new dyeing round.

Here is the results the shadings is a little lighter then the other yarn.


I also finished some of the australian multicolour wool, soft and lovely.


Yiah, I am in :o)

On what you wonder, well it is all about Ravely. Look for me there; hkangora 😛

No I need to rely learn how flick photos is working also, must be ably to could post photos.

What else are happen? Well yesterday I dyed angora yarn, hanging to dry no. Will post photos tomorrow when the yarn is dry and winded up.