More hand dyed yarn.

I also dyed this skein of hand spun yarn on Friday, it was original one tread with violet Australian merino and the other tread is of BFL, falkland, romeny, kid mohair.

This was before dyeing:


and after dyeing, I am very satisfied with the dyeing this time. It is a lot of different shading in the colors, not so surprising since I just put the rest of the two color bath from the other skein into to the dye pot without stir in it.

I forgot to say this is Jacquard I have used this time.

What to doe when you are bored?

Sometimes I get some bored from knitting and spinning, so what is more naturally then hand dyed some yarn? I wanted to dye some 100% angora yarn, but the problem with angora is to get it totally wet. 20 min soaking is not enough with angora yarn, so then it was not any dyeing done before around 2200 in the evning.

So here is after I have hand painted the skein, ore is it maybe my dinner 😛


Here is today, when it is rinsed and dry: