I have got cashmere, yiah :o))

This has been a crapy weekend and a happy weekend. The crapy part was the sales marked, it was very low sale. So either Bente ore me are going to attend to this marked next year.

But the happy part was that yesterday, Pippi the bitch puppy I own with Nina and Marius was on a puppy show. First I got a call that Pippe became Best in Show puppy, then later in the group finale she became 2. Best in Group. Guess who was a happy kennel mom 😛

Since Nina did not had camera with here, her is a older photos of here.

I also got to pick up my parcel from Wollknoll today, it arrived already on last Monday. But for some reason Tollpost Globe, did not give a note on my door. So for a week now the parcel has been stored there. Since I no know that the rutine is not good enough for letting me know if I am not home,  next time I will have the tracking number from Wollknoll and can follow where the parcel is in the system.

So here it is :p the mulberry and tussah silk is to Bente, I have still enough of the both of the silk types. But look, yummie 1 kg of merino 16 mic and 1 kg of cashmere.