I got my swap packet from Susan today.

Well, if you don’t know this already but I love doing swaps. So the first I look at when I came in to Ravelry was what swap are going, I found The Hand dyed swap that Celena is arranging and after asking if I could sign up even if I live in Norway. She email me back and told me that Susan would like to be my swap.

Today my swap packet arrived from Susan, it is just so great. Look at this lovely hand dyed yarn she has made to me, she write that the day she dyed my yarn she also teach here aunt on how to dye yarn. So a little of here aunt is wrapped up in these skein, thank you to Susan’s aunt also 🙂

Susan send also some yummie sweets from See’s, they are so lovely that I feel that I can’t eat them yet. But don’t worry, the box will soon be empty 😛


Thank you Susan for the gorgous hand dyed yarn and the sweets, your are just great 😛

Oh, when I talked about sweets, look what I have order Taffy and Candy from Cousin Candy shop. Last year Anita and I was having a wonderful holiday in US, we where mostly in San Diego and in Old Town Cousin Candy shop has a shop. All the sweets are handmade and taste yummie. Here you can see photos from the trip, San Diego are a city both Anita and I want to go back to and when we are in San Diego we would like to stay at this hotel. Don’t it look great?

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