Data problems!

I got problem with my laptop and had to format, that in itself are not any problem. But when the DVD with the backup with my files and documents did not work, then I got problems.

All my work etc. are gone, so therefore my blog are not in my first priority know at days. Since I have to do all the accounting once again, get all documents etc. I don’t think I need to write about how frustrated I am. Emails, address all is gone, argh.

The positive happines in all this frustration is that I  got wonderful swap packets from Susan who is my pal in The Handpainted yarn Swap and Shaun my pal in Fiber/Yarn swap. Thank you both, I love the yarn, merino tops and all the goodies that was in the swap packets. Photos will come when I get Photoshop back to my laptop.

So this was just a quick explanation to why it is quiet, and for you two ladies that has email me about the pattern to the baby booties. I hope you read this and send me new emails, I know that one of you are living in Japan and the other is also a spinner that live in US.


En tanke om “Data problems!

  1. Wow, how very frustrating. I’ve had that happend before but typically I only lost personally matter, no business. I hate it because it could be 2 months down the road and remember something else that was lost. I know, that isn’t very consoling is it? 🙂

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