Time for some bloging again.

Yes, I know some times since last bloging, but to be frankly I have no time since I need to get all the accounting done for my my firm. Coming back from holiday to work, I see know why it is important to have a backup that function since my client arkiv is also gone. Lucky enough I have a very good memory on how they are in the health program.

But that was the boring stuff, no over to what I have done and before I forget it Happy New year to you all 😛

Yesterday there come a great packet from Peggy, she is one of my good spinner pal that live in US. Before christmas Peggy and I was talking about candy, and then I suddenly remember that Cousins Candy shop that make Salt Watetaffy have a online store. Cousins Candy Shop has a store in Old Town San Diego, where Anita and I was there in 2007. I think you already guess where I want, yes I love the taffy they make. So then I order some for Peggy since she is so kind getting everything I want for me and of course some to me 🙂 I also get a hang on Lifesaver and they are just sold in US, so Peggy bought some bags for me. I would be very happy for just a couple of bag with sweets, but WOW she bought 6 bags for me 😛 There was also 6 skeins from the Limited edition to Tofutsies, thank you so much for all the help Peggy, you are just great 🙂


I have also get some spinning done, here is some yarn that is 50% Collie (dog) and 50% of 18 mic white merino.


Wool: The Collie wool is from Grete’s blue merle, she is working at the same center for dogs that I doe. The 18 mic merino is from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 545 gram / ap. 19 ounce.
WPI: 20

I hope she will be happy with this yarn.

I also got more stuff from US, last autum I sign up for Chameleon Colorworks fiber of the month club. But unfortuanelly the roving never came, when I emailed the new owner and explan what had happen. She offered to send me new rovings at once, and look at this gorgours roving she send me. It is Optim, that I am very excited to try since I have never spin it and other spinners say it is a difficult fiber to spin. It is made from australain Merino in a special process and have silky touch feeling and style.


Thank you so much for a great service, Nancy. I am looking forward to you start up the fiber club again.

Last year I sign up for some spinner and wool swap at Ravelry, here is what I got from Nicole in Germany. A wonderful merino tops, dyed in different shades of green, Wollmeise sock yarn that I have heard much about, goodies for the dogs, bunnies and myself.
What a great swap packet t 🙂

swap packet from Nicole

Here is what I send to my pal in Denmark, Gitte. I forgot to take a photo of all of the item, but photos of chocolate are not so fun.
swap packet to Gitte
and some handpainted sock yarn, the yarn is white Fabel I dyed with Jaquard acid dyes. But I forgot to take photos of the yarn, if you want to see photos of it. You can see it here on Gitte,s blog.

I am finish spinning the merino I got from Nicole and here is the result.
merino batts from Nicole

and after ;
lace yarn, merino tops from Nicole

Wool: Dyed Merino
Weight: ap. 113 gram / 4 ounce
WPI: 25

And last a photo of the lace yarn in 18 mic merino from Wollknoll, that I have plyed. You can see the difference in the plying bobbin to Majacraft to the regular ones.