Lace yarn of Optim finish :o)

Alright, yes I love to knit with lace yarn. But super lace with a WPI on 51, that is to thin for me 😛 so therefor I sold the yarn.

Doe I still love Optim, oh yes. Just need to spin it a little thicker next skein.

Blue&pink Optim:

Fiber: Hand dyed Optim from Chameleon Colorworks
Weight: 4 ounce / 113 gram
Yardage: 947,50 / 866,50 m – 2-ply
WPI: 50
Spun on: Little Gem II

I have got Big Fabel, to skeins with my favorite colors:

Ellie is big this time, wonder when the puppies is coming. She begin to dig a little bit, so maybe to the weekend.
ellie-8-weeks 08.jpg

A photo from the newlywed couple, Nina & Marius 🙂
Nina og Marius nygifte


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