Pippi has been at here first official show.

The show season has started again, this time I took Pippi with me. We travelled with Merete (kennel T-Bob) and had a nice day, despite that the show club arrange a terrible show. This is the last time I travel to this show club.

The jugde was Leif Lehmann Jørgensen who is from Denmark, I had never showed dogs for him before so therefore I had no idea what hi liked.

Well, to tell the story short, Pippi became Best of Breed. Not bad to get both the Certificate and became Best of Breed :p

Here is me with Pippi when she had won Best of Breed:

first show

The jugde is going to give tell who became Best of BreedBIR og BIM

I also got my first award from Allena, wow.

But I think it is so difficult to just give some blogs award, so therefor I want to give all who reads my blog the award. Why, because when I read your blogs, your all make my day 🙂


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