Look what came in the mail box today.

I know it is a long time since last posting, it is so busy with the puppies and I have been sick the last week.

This weekend it was the first dog show for this year, the results was okey. 3 of Kelly’s kids was on the show, Pippi that I co-own with Nina and Marius, Frida owned by Anne and Munti owned by Hildur. They all got 1.price in quality and Honor Price not bad at all.

But back to what arrived in my mail box today, a box from Cathy and two packets from my very good dachs friend in UK Jane.

Cathy is my pal in The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and wow, look at here what she send me 😛
Gorgeous hand dyed superwash merino from The Unique Sheep, that she had hand dyed in Ultramarine colors. I love it, it is so my colors. Knitpicks Bare 70% merino wool, 30% silk that I can dye my self. That yarn is so soft, yummie. Cathy send not just 1 pattern, but 3 patterns. It is Spirogyra mittens, lace Ribbon Scarf and Pomatomus socks pattern.
Burt’s Bees Essential Body Kit and a lot of Lifesavers, did someone know that I love Livesavers 😆 Jellybeans and this cute little sheep. Cathy had also knitted Paper Nautilus Shell as you can see between the lovely notepad set and the card she send me.


Close up photos of the gorgeous yarn 😀
and photos of the cute sheep bear 😛
In the packet Jane send me with gorgeous wool from The Alpaca Spinner, she had knitted some cute slippers and a beautiful scarf to me. It was also some very important stuff in the packet, Spatone yiha. Know I maybe get my energy back again, that stuff is incredible.



I will post some photos of the puppies tomorrow, today was there first day out 😀

The result from the hand dyeing.

The yarn I was rely satisfied with is the yarn I hand dyed to Cathy, who is my swap partner in The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap. But can’t show any photo before she has got it, if not it will not be a surprise to here 😛

But I can show photos from the two other skein I hand dyed.

This is handspun merino, spun in thick and thin type.

Hand dyed merino

I love the pattern to My So Called Scarf and when I look in the yarn basket, I had 4 skeins with white Sulka from the Mirasol collection.

Hand dyed Sulka

I had a fun time and more hand dyeing will come, just need to be finish to spin the wool 😀 I have got some lovly batts from Allena, she blended Sherino 50% with BFL 50% and the blend is beautiful and are going to be knitted to socks.

Time go bye ;o)

Well, much is happen here home, it is just that there is not enough hour in the day to get all done. Like writing in my blog 😆

The puppies are getting big, they are know 4 weeks old. Here are some photos of them, if you want to see more visit my kennel website Mataya.

4 weeks old.jpg

happy girl.jpg


I have also done some spinning and knitting done 😛

sirri-angora-angora merino.jpg

Wool: Sirri from The Faroe Islands
Weight: 179 gram / ap. 6,3 ounce.
Length: 321,56 m / 351,67 yards
WPI: Sport

in the middle angora;
Wool: White angora from my own bunnies.
Weight: 170 gram / ap. 6 ounce.
Length: 558,10 m / 610,34 yards
WPI: 36

and in the bottom;
Wool: White angora from my own bunnies and 16 mic merino.
Weight: 74 gram / ap. 2,6 ounce.
Length: 280,10 m / 306,34 yards
WPI: 38

I am knitting socks the pattern I use is Tidal Wave and I knit them in Tofutsie from oct.-07 collection. I love this yarn and know it is easier for me to get the yarn since To Damer has begin to sell some of the colors.


Are also going to doe some hand dyeing again, here is the yarn to pre-soak. It is thick and thin merino, Mirasol Sulka and cerise merino that was to cerise for me. So then it is just to over dye it 😀

pre-soaking.jpg    to-cerise-merino-hp.jpg