The result from the hand dyeing.

The yarn I was rely satisfied with is the yarn I hand dyed to Cathy, who is my swap partner in The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap. But can’t show any photo before she has got it, if not it will not be a surprise to here 😛

But I can show photos from the two other skein I hand dyed.

This is handspun merino, spun in thick and thin type.

Hand dyed merino

I love the pattern to My So Called Scarf and when I look in the yarn basket, I had 4 skeins with white Sulka from the Mirasol collection.

Hand dyed Sulka

I had a fun time and more hand dyeing will come, just need to be finish to spin the wool 😀 I have got some lovly batts from Allena, she blended Sherino 50% with BFL 50% and the blend is beautiful and are going to be knitted to socks.


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