More fiber in the house.

My brother work sometimes in Hamar, and since Spinnvilt is in Hamar. What more naturally is it to ask if he could pick up some wool I order from Spinnvilt. I love to try new wool and fiber type, so when Spinnvilt had got in many new type I just had to try. My brother and his family came to Bergen today and look what hi had with him 😛

Wool from Spinnvilt, from left is Corridale, Wensleydale, Shetland, Shropshire, Dorset Horn, Lincoln and in the bag washed Spelsau. Yiah.

Lincoln and Dorset Horn are interesting, but I think that will be a one time bargain. The wool are to coarse for me, wonder what type of yarn I shall spin with it. Corridale and the Shetland are very nice and will definitely be bought more of, Wensleydale I am not shore of before I have spun with it. Shropshire is a fine coarse wool, specially good for making sock yarn and are bought in for that purpose.

Eirik at Spinnvilt give a very good custom service and is one of the two Norwegian spinner & wool shop we have in Norway 😀